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Steve Mocco was King of the Foot Sweep

I've seen a lot of wrestlers use a footsweep, but Steve Mocco was king at using the foot sweep.

I recently watched the series on FloWrestling about Steve Mocco.  The guy was a beast back in the day.

I mostly see the foot sweep used by heavyweights, but it is a great way to attack and open up any opponent.

Steve Mocco was a dominant heavyweight who wrestled at Iowa and Oklahoma State.  From about 2005-2008, he was one of the top heavyweights in the country.  He became known for his trademark foot-sweep.  He won the 2005 NCAA championship in overtime with a foot sweep.  You can read more about him on Wikipedia.

What Can be Learned from Steve 

My son has been working on his foot sweep and foot stomp techniques.  Who better to study than Steve Mocco?  I came across a video where Steve was doing a clinic.

After watching the video, I picked up on some interesting information:

He Drilled in Practice:

One of the things he stated in the video was that he drilled the foot sweep since he was a kid.  That he treated a foot sweep as a leg attack that and only used hands for ties.

Foot Sweep is about Timing:

He stated that the foot sweep is more about timing than strength.  He said that you need to drill the foot sweep from different scenarios to get your timing and foot placement down.

My Thoughts

The more I look at foot sweeps, the more I think it is an under utilized way to attack and opponent.  I think there are endless way to use the foot sweep as a scoring opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed the article.  My goal was to inspire you to be a better wrestler and maybe add the foot sweep to your scoring arsenal. Post a comment at the end of the article and let me know what you think.

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