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My Top 12 Wrestling Pump Up Songs

Wrestling pump up songs help get through tough workouts.

You have to train hard every day, push yourself beyond the point of exhaustion, endure hours of strength and conditioning training, and keep drilling the moves until they become second nature.

Naturally, music is more essential for wrestlers to get through the grind of wrestling season.

Whether you are a high school wrestler or an Olympian, music can help you enhance your performance and take your training to the next level.

Here are 25 of  my favorite  pump up songs for wrestling that can help you train like a pro every time you step on the mat.

1. Here comes the boom (P.O.D.)

The song was so popular that P.O.D. used to play it first at their concerts for a long time. A fun, upbeat track, here comes the boom’ is made all the more special by the boom chorus which just reverberates with positive energy.  It's a great song to focus on your next match.

2. You’re the best (Joe Esposito)

I'm sure you might be too young to remember this song, but this was a great pump song in the 80's.  I used to listen to this song when I wrestled in middle school. The song that was made immortal by the original Karate Kid movie, you’re the best’ is one of the best songs not just in terms of orchestration, but also in terms of lyrics as well.

3. We will rock you (Queen)

You can't wrestle for any length of time and not know this song.  How could a song that only uses stomping and clapping beats could be so great to listen to? This song  remains one of the best pump-up tracks for wrestling, even after nearly four decades after its release.  Heck, it has over 114 million views on youtube.

4. Thunderstruck (AC/DC)

The song that was born out of a guitar riff by Angus Young, thunderstruck’ is one of the most energetic tracks that you can listen to while drilling those moves over and over again.

5. Rollin (Limp Bizkit)

You may not like Fred Durst, but you have to admit that Rollin’ keeps you going during the toughest of training sessions.

6. Down with the Sickness (Disturbed)

Not the most appropriate title for a song that is supposed to get you pumped, but the combo of bass guitar and kick drum makes it a great song to listen to while warming up for a match.

7. Bodies - (Drowning Pool)

When it comes to combat sports, this song is awesome.  This is the song to listen during your wrestling conditioning or is great to listen to before you wrestle a tough opponent you've never beat.

8.  Dragula - (Rob Zombie)

I never understood this song, but Rob Zombie is known for some weird songs.  Watch the video.  It's pretty comical.  This is a great wrestling conditioning song.

9. Enter sandman - (Metallica)

I'm a huge Metallica fan. While this song(and the album) strayed from the heavy metal roots, this song will definitely get your hyped up before a wrestling match.  It is the perfect song to listen to when you want to push yourself further than you otherwise could.

10. Remember the name (Fort Minor)

My son's teammate suggested this song as a good wrestling pump up song.  Not the most successful song in terms of critical acclaim. The song, however, is popular with a surprising number of people who like its energy.  My son said it helps him focus on an opponet when he wrestles in a dual.

11.  Living Dead Girl - (Rob Zombie)

Here is another song by Rob Zombie that will pump you up for wrestling.  The song was inspired by a bunch of old movies.  The song was hugely popular back in the day.  This is is a great song to listen to when your drilling takedowns.

12. Jump around (House of Pain)

Number ten on the list would be a hip hop number that would make anyone feel like jumping around. The song was released in 1992, but still enjoys significant popularity among fans of wrestling and wrestlers alike. I'm not a big fan of Houe of pain, but this number would surely be a great choice to warm up at the beginning of wrestling tournament.

I hope you enjoyed the article. post a comment and let me know what you think.

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