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My Sons Favorite Old School Wrestling Headgear

My son has been wrestling for over ten years.  In that time, I have bought him numerous sets of headgear.  A wrestler will give you a brutally honest opinion of the gear they use.  If you don’t want your wrestler to get cauliflower ear, then you should buy the best headgear that you can afford.  Good wrestling headgear will protect their ears and be comfortable to wear.

My son prefers old school styles of headgear.  He likes headgear that is cushy on the outside and is comfortable to wear  in a wrestling match.  Here are the top three favorite wrestling headgear that my son likes to use.

3. Adidas Response Earguard

The adidas headgear does a superb job of protecting the ear.  It has a nice foam covering on the outside and he really likes the fact that it comes with a strap holder.   

Once the headgear is adjusted, it doesn’t slip.  He told me that he really dislikes the chin cup.  I think this is a matter of preference, because I’ve talked to a lot of his buddies who prefer the chin cup over a chin strap.  He did say that the headgear was difficult to adjust.

2. Cliff Keen Signature Headgear 

This used to be his favorite headgear.  He has been wearing cliff keen headgear since he was five years old.  This headgear has been around for over fifty years.  This is the style of headgear that most serious wrestlers end up wearing.  Once it is adjusted, it is easy to wear.   

He really doesn’t have anything negative to say, except that it slips every once in a while.  I bought him some cliff keen headgear straps and that fixed that problem.

The one thing as a dad that I don’t like is that they are usually the most expensive wrestling headgear.  The headgear lasts for a lifetime, so the cost isn’t that big of a deal.

1.   Brute Classix  

 The brute headgear is very similar to both the Adidas Response and the Cliff Keen headgear.  It does a great job of protecting the ears.  It comes with both a chin cup and a chin strap so a wrestler can choose which one he wants to use.   

He said that it seems to fit better than the Cliff Keen.  I asked him what he meant and he told me that he can’t explain it, but the headgear fits his head better.

From my point of view the headgear seems lighter and easy to adjust.  He had this headgear adjusted and ready to wear in five minutes.  This has become his favorite headgear.  This is the headgear that he has chosen to wear for the last five tournaments.

I hope you enjoyed the article
 There are dozens of styles of wrestling headgear.   Every wrestler will find headgear that he likes the best.  It’s important to find one that a wrestler will feel comfortable wearing.   

I would love to hear from you. Post a comment at the end of this article and tell me which headgear is your favorite.  Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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