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15 Proven Ways to Be A Healthy and Successful Wrestler

One of the most demanding sports is wrestling. No other sport requires as much training and discipline to be successful.  In order to be a good, you need to be a healthy wrestler.  When I talk about healthy wrestlers, I'm talking about more than your physical training.  A healthy wrestler is one that makes good decisions on and off the mat.

A wrestler is expected to be a good role model in addition to being a great wrestler.  You need to make good decisions about your training, lifestyle, and your diet.

how to be a healthy and successful wrestler on and off the mat
Learn how to be a Healthy Wrestler

Here are some of the important ways that will help you to be a healthy and fit wrestler –

#1: Maintain Healthy Weight

In order to compete at a high level with top-class wrestlers, it is extremely important to stay fit. This is a kind of sports where there is a higher chance of getting injured. But if you want to reduce injuries then you need to maintain a perfect weight. A wrestlers diet is critical to being a great wrestler.

#2: Drink Plenty Of Water

After the exhausting workout sessions, you need to hydrate yourself. Your body needs a lot of water every day to recover from the workout.

West Chester University has a great document about water intake for athletes. it's a nice summary of Fluid recommendations for athletes.  You can check it out here.

You lose a lot of water through sweat while exercising and that is why you need to hydrate yourself back. Do not have massive amount water during or just after the workout. But have ample amount of water throughout the day. It is very much important.

#3: Get A Good Night’s Sleep

You need a good amount of sleep at night. If you fail to get enough rest and sleep at night it will affect your athletic performance. Thus to maintain and enhance the performance you need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily at night. Even insufficient sleep can lead to poor memory, muscle as well as hormone recovery.

I recently read an article on verywell.com called Do Athletes Need Extra Sleep. The article talks about how Cheri Mah of the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Laboratory has been doing sleep research on athletes for years.  In doing her research, she noted that athletes performed better when they increased their sleep time.

#4: Stay In Shape

Conditioning is very much important for any wrestlers. You can have the best wrestling shoes, but if your out of shape, you won't be an elite wrestler.  A wrestler has to go through a lot of grueling and tough practice sessions. Thus, to be in shape and enhance core strength you have to focus more on your strength training and continue the conditioning on a regular basis.

#5: Eat Plenty Of Carbs

Carbohydrates provide energy to the body and a wrestler needs a lot of energy. A healthy wrestler must have plenty of carbohydrates in order to maintain their energy level while wrestling or even while exercising. You have to focus on the complex carbohydrates that contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Some of the great examples of such carbs are beans, potatoes, quinoa, peas, lentils and brown rice. Include these in your everyday diet in a good amount.

The School Nutrition Network created a pdf about why carbohydrates are important for athletes.The document goes into detail about carbs help an athlete perform at a high level.

#6: Get Plenty of Protein

During the training sessions, the muscles get broke down. And in order to repair and recover the muscles, one to eat a lot of protein. This will help you to repair the body tissues and muscles. There are many foods that are rich in protein and these include meats, eggs, milk, yogurt, soybeans, cheese, oats, barley, peas, and lentils etc.

#7: Consider Having Supplements

It is always recommended to eat a balanced diet. But most of the time due to some reason or the other, people fail to follow that diet chart. And thus they fail to meet the daily requirements of nutrition. So, it is better to consider taking supplements to keep the right level of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

#8: Associate With Healthy People

The people with whom you hang out and associate with can have a huge impact on your life. Thus, it is very much important to hang out and associate with people who follow a healthy lifestyle and want to be successful. pickthebrain.com has an article on why you must be associated with successful people if you want to be successful.

 It is always better to be with people from where you positive energy and influence. So, avoid hanging out with negative influences.

#9: Listen To Your Coaches

One of the best qualities of a healthy wrestler is to listen to your coaches always. This is also a major thing to be successful as a wrestler. When your coach talks to you about chain wrestling, you should listen to them.  They know what they are talking about.  The coaches have a great experience and also a lot of knowledge. If they are guiding you in a particular way then follow that to get success and stay healthy.

#10: Always Set A Goal

There is no success without having a goal. If you set a goal that you have to achieve then you will work hard for it achieve for wrestling and you will be successful. All the best athletes in the world have a certain goal of their own. And they are working hard 24/7 in order to get that.

#11: No Regrets

Regrets are the worst part of life. So, never leave anything in life that will make you regret. Play hard and work hard. You will have to give your best in everything and do it. Leave no scope for regrets.

#12: Don’t Be Afraid Of Failures

There are many successful people who have failed numerous times before they succeeded. Failure is a sign that you are trying. So, do not be afraid and push yourself out of your comfort zone. And keep on trying. Learn from the failures and try again until you succeed.

Check out the video of successful people who have failed.

#13: Enjoy The Journey

Wrestling is undoubtedly a great sport. It has an age limit like any other sports and one day you will not be able to wrestle anymore. So, love this sport and enjoy your journey through it to be a successful wrestler.

#14: Have Interests besides Wrestling

While wrestling is an amazing sport, it is also very important to have a balanced life to be a healthy wrestler. So, you need to have some interests and hobbies besides wrestling. It can be anything such as other sports, reading books, photography, music, writing, traveling etc.

#15: Be Active In The Community

One of the best signs of being a good and healthy wrestler is to give a lot to the community and help others. You can volunteer in the community and help people. This will make you active in the community and also will keep you fit and healthy.

Thus, these are the 15 essential ways that you need to follow to become a healthy and fit wrestler.

I hope you enjoyed the article.  My goal was to inspire you to be the best wrestler and person that you can be.  Post a comment at the end of the article and let me know what you think.

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